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December 23, 2014

No Matter What the Platform or Year, Well-Written Pieces Resonate With Target Audiences

When reflecting on the continued evolution of public relations in 2014, it is clear that as much as the menu of services has transformed and expanded, the core remains the same. Good, well-written pieces – be it news releases, blogs, newsletters or social media posts – resonate with target audiences, no matter what the year.

Forbes is the perfect example. It has boosted the readership of its magazine by nearly 30% since 2013, reaching 6.7 million and also has an impressive following for its digital platform. Forbes integrates and coordinates the print and digital versions, but does not employ a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. Instead, the magazine features longer articles with in-depth reporting while the website boasts up-to-the-minute commentary from industry experts. To learn more, read Mr. Magazine’s full interview with Randall Lane, the editor of Forbes.



Caryl Bixon-Gordon

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November 25, 2009

The Press Release Remains An Effective Communications Tool

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In contrast to many who claim the press release has outlived its value, we find this steadfast tool of PR professionals ( continues to be a reliable means of delivering news for clients.  When I founded Caryl Communications ( some 25 years ago, I had no agency experience – just PR background in banking and insurance at the corporate level. To succeed, many business consultants advised me to “court” reporters and writers with lunches to expand my contacts which was not my style. A certified teacher with a B.A. in English, I chose instead to deliver real news to targeted media in tightly written releases, adhering to journalistic news style and the classic pyramid structure It worked. The firm’s media contacts grew from reliable writing and a paramount sense of accountability to media.

Today is not that different – and our client news which appears consistently in hundreds of printed articles and Internet impressions each month is testament to the news release. While not all results stem from releases alone, they remain the backbone of every ongoing PR campaign we launch, with some new-media modifications  to save reporters time and to achieve SEO as part of the process in our own abridged version of the social media template (

 So based on our experience, with a modified style for an ever-changing media landscape, I believe if the writing is clean; the release is targeted, and the news is real, the press release will remain a viable communications tool for PR firms even as the entire news industry transitions through today’s unique challenges.

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