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February 16, 2010

Public Relations: What you can expect from your agency in Today’s Environment

The public relations industry, which includes a broad category of marketing activities, has become even broader by today’s definitions. The growth of new media and the critical role of the Internet along with the worst economy in more than three decades have created challenges and opportunities for individual organizations looking for PR services, and for the professional PR practitioner.

Some firms that recognize the power of PR but want to cut costs in the current recession may decide to try to bring it in-house as their business has slowed. The mistake in this reasoning is it diverts the professionals from their first order of business and dilutes their effectiveness in their work and in their PR results.

Navigating the current ever-changing landscape of PR, incorporating strategic integrated activities, and achieving measurable results ultimately requires a tremendous time investment. It is far better to negotiate fees now with your current agency or look for a more reasonable firm that is willing to work in the recession to help you achieve exposure into the recovery and then grow from there.

The goal is to use a PR agency to provide expertise and creativity to refine and achieve your immediate and long-range business goals. PR integrates with other marketing disciplines and because of the credible nature of the news industry, media exposure is integral to any campaign. By highlighting a company’s core competencies, a well-planned PR program will distinguish your organization from the competition and increase credibility for your products or services.

The client’s primary responsibility is to work candidly and confidentially with the agency to define their goals, business activities, strengths, weaknesses and key people.

The agency’s job is to support its marketing goals and determine the real news, trends and activities that are appropriate for promotion through public relations. The agency then develops themes and story concepts and generates compelling copy in their work with the media. In essence, the public relations professionals is a reporter for clients, who is always ready to leverage real news and reach direct consumers and can prospect audiences, and help the client become a valuable resource for diverse media outlets.

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